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Our professional technicians want to make sure your vehicle is fixed right the first time. Just like when you visit your doctor, communication is an important part of the diagnosis process. The more you can tell us about your vehicle's recent "behavior," the better.


Tips for great communication

  • Note any changes in how your vehicle sounds, smells or handles.
  • Have one of our technicians go for a road test with you in your vehicle, if possible.
  • When a problem occurs, pay attention to - and write down - details such as whether the engine is cold or warm, the vehicle is facing downhill or uphill, etc.
  • Please don't tell us what to fix. Tell us what symptoms you are experiencing so we can consider all possibilities and correctly diagnose the problem.
  • Don't be embarrassed to tell us that you've worked on the vehicle yourself, taken it to another service facility or that the repair needed is long overdue.
  • Whenever possible, make an appointment so we can give you prompt, undivided attention.
  • Leave us a phone number where we can contact you to discuss our diagnosis or test results.


Special Offers

Refer five customers and receive a $25.00 credit.

10% off (Labor only) for students, military, police department and fire department with valid ID.  Present ID card upon arrival.

Gas Saver Special $149.95:
Did you know there are many components in your vehicle that contribute to its miles-per-gallon rating? Your vehicle probably is not getting the most it can get!

  • Dirty oil - up to 1 mpg
  • Slipping automatic transmission - up to 2 mpg
  • Thermostat too cold - up to 2 mpg
  • Incorrect tire pressure - up to 2 mpg
  • Clogged air filter - up to 4 mpg
  • Carbon deposits on fuel injectors - up to 5 mpg!

We can help maximize your fuel mileage with the services in this special!

  • Complete oil and filter change
  • Fuel injection and throttle body service
  • Thermostat cooling system testing and validation
  • Transmission fluid inspection
  • Applicable transmission slipping data from the ECM
  • Complete vehicle inspection

Call us today to schedule your appointment!

(Applies to most cars/light trucks. Includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil, standard filter and chassis lube. Environmental fee not included. May not be combined with any other special offers or discounts, and some restrictions may apply.)

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